Battery Park City Apartment Renovation

380 Rector Pl, NYC, NY:

Luxury with a splash of peacefulness

This project took place along the famous Hudson River in the green neighborhood Battery Park city. The Chapter team has transformed this apartment into a luxurious and stunning space that highlights high-end finishes and unique design features.

With a focus on the customer’s vision, this exceptional living space incorporates a pristine all-white interior that cleverly creates the illusion of spaciousness. The well-placed square mirrors on one wall amplify the effect, while the light-colored engineered wood flooring further enhances the brightness of the room, a vital aspect of its design. This apartment boasts luxury finishes and touches, including a standout Venetian plaster ceiling in the living room that sets it apart from other comparable units in the area.

The apartment is equipped with crystal cases throughout, providing a safe and secure way to display valuable artwork and sculptures. From the Venetian plaster ceiling in the living room to the crystal cases that display cherished art pieces, every element has been carefully curated to create a one-of-a-kind living experience. The use of light colors, natural materials, and water-inspired design elements have helped to brighten and enlarge the space, while the beautiful open layout emphasizes the apartment's proximity to the Hudson River.

For the kitchen, the Chapter team went with blue backsplash tiles that complement the apartment's location near the river. This design element distinguishes the open kitchen area from the rest of the dining/living room, adding a unique touch to the overall striking and beautiful open space.

Chapter has completed a full overhaul of the bathrooms in this apartment, including removing all existing fixtures and finishes. The newly installed flooring is a work of art, featuring a harmonious blend of porcelain tiles in calming shades of white and blue. The result is a tranquil atmosphere that evokes the peacefulness of a beachside retreat, perfectly suited to the apartment's location near the Hudson River.

This renovation is a testament to the incredible potential that lies within every living space, and we hope that it inspires others to reimagine their own homes as beautiful and functional works of art.

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