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Rugby Rd, Brooklyn, NY:

A well-deserved upgrade…

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This family home in Brooklyn underwent a full gut renovation, focusing on the rear section of the house. The client had dreamed of renovating the kitchen, bathroom and pantry for a long time. Because the clients have several cats, our designer meticulously selected finishes that were not only visually appealing but also robust, durable, and healthy materials.

The client’s vision of a customized kitchen was brought to life in a captivating emerald green hue. Paired with a neutral, light-reflecting backsplash tile, maple interiors, and brushed gold hardware, every element harmoniously aligned with the client’s desired aesthetic. To add a touch of airiness and brightness, we customized glass cabinets with white interiors, offering a pleasing contrast to the green backdrop.


The bathroom had a remarkable transformation with a shower conversion. Reflecting the client’s unique style, the space was enlivened through the creative interplay of colors, patterns, and textures. There are 4 different tiles in the bathroom including a horizontally textured white tile outside the shower, a white vertical tile within the shower, as well as blue horizontal tiles within the shower, and lastly a Geometric floor tile. Additionally, the bathroom features elegant brass fixtures, a new vanity, and medicine cabinets.

The last wish the client had for the renovation was to have more storage space. Therefore, our team completely changed the built of the existing pantry. By removing one of the two doors, we effectively converted it into a spacious walk-in pantry, fulfilling the client’s desire for increased storage capacity.

Throughout this renovation, the client’s aspirations were met with finesse, resulting in a breathtaking home that seamlessly blends functionality, aesthetics, and the unique preferences of its owners.

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