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Co-op Apartment Renovation in Financial District, Manhattan

90 Gold Street, NYC, NY

Before & After

Nestled in the Financial District in Lower Manhattan, where evolving artistry and design permeate every aspect of the neighborhood, even home designs reflect this beauty, making renovations highly sought after. This residential project aimed to breathe new life into a luxury apartment, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. With a focus on luxury and refinement, the project encompassed a series of transformations, including a complete overhaul of the master bathroom, installation of new flooring, customized painting, lighting redesign, and addition of elegant doors with gold brass hardware.


A bathroom serves as a sanctuary away from stress. That’s why the Chapter team ensured to capture a feeling of serenity amidst luxury. The project featured a shower conversion, opulent brass plumbing fixtures, and a custom glass enclosure. Meticulously selected tiles exude timeless elegance, complemented by a walnut vanity for warmth and sophistication.

New European white oak floors were placed throughout the entire apartment, adding elegance and cohesion to the living area. Modern flat baseboards were handpicked to perfectly match the sleek flooring, ensuring every detail contributes to the overall visual charm.

We completely revamped the lighting system, aiming to improve both practicality and style. Carefully selected gold brass fixtures were positioned to brighten essential spots. Plus, we added fantastic gold brass dimmer switches, offering full control over the mood and ambiance of each room. We replaced the old doors with brand-new ones adorned with gold brass hardware, adding a touch of luxury to every entryway. Their elegant design and superior craftsmanship further enhance the overall vibe of the living space, making it feel even more refined.

No surface in the apartment was left untouched; each area was meticulously painted to capture the exact ambiance envisioned by our client. The flawless finish brings depth and personality to every corner, elevating the entire interior space.

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