Luxury Penthouse Renovation

5 Tudor City Pl, NYC, New York

Situated in Tudor City, one of New York City's most prestigious and time-honored neighborhoods, we witnessed the saying “The sky's the limit” come true with this project that not only is touching the sky being a Luxury Penthouse but also that it had a high vision of turning its spaces to an even more luxurious oasis.

One of the biggest challenges in renovation is trying to make what's already a great place into something even greater. The key areas of the renovation included the kitchen, staircase, HVAC systems, and overall interior ambiance.


A fresh new painting for the entire apartment was done to create a brand new feel and modern atmosphere, harmonizing with all the revamped design elements. The chimney mantel took a new look with a new marble mantel that served as a focal point of elegance in the living space.

A replacement of staircase treads with European oak treads was made, offering durability and natural beauty. Installation of modern straight metal railings for a sleek and contemporary look.

HVAC System Enhancement was one of the key objectives of the renovation, which aimed to upgrade all HVAC units to new energy-efficient models, ensuring optimal comfort while reducing energy consumption.

For the master bathroom, the walls and floors had a full retiling and upgrading with premium materials to enhance its durability and look. Replacement of bathroom fixtures with high-quality chrome with Waterworks fixtures gave an instant high-class look.

As for the kitchen, a refinishing of existing kitchen millwork with a traditional white brushed paint finish was done, revitalizing its appearance. Installation of a new white Corian countertop added elegance to the space. This Luxury Penthouse Renovation project proves that there’s still so much more to improve in our spaces and to reach new heights in visual, functionality, and comfort combined.

These types of projects allow the team to showcase effective project management and clear communication strategies that facilitate smooth execution and timely completion of each phase. Along with the clients’ satisfaction with the final results, it speaks as proof of the hard work and dedication poured into this project.

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