Manhattan Co-Op Apartment Renovation

142 E 16th St NYC, NY:

Combining two apartments into one perfect home...

This project highlights a remarkable renovation where a studio and a 1-bedroom apartment were combined and transformed into a stylish and functional 2-bedroom apartment. The focal point of this renovation was the conversion of the kitchen area into a spacious master bathroom, resulting in a unique living space that combines comfort, functionality, and luxury. The studio apartment, located in the amazing Gramercy neighborhood, presented a compact living space with limited room for separate functional areas. The client, a young professional, desired a more spacious and private living environment without sacrificing the apartment’s aesthetic appeal. The primary objective was to create a harmonious layout that would maximize the available space while incorporating a luxurious master bathroom.

The design team carefully analyzed the existing floor plan and proposed a transformative solution that involved transforming the Studio kitchen area to create a large, modern master bathroom with a substantially large shower area. The new layout would provide ample room for essential bathroom fixtures, including a spacious shower enclosure, dual sinks, and generous storage options. This studio apartment renovation successfully combined a small living space into a functional 2-bedroom apartment with a remarkable master bathroom. By repurposing the kitchen area, the design team maximized the available space and created an elegant sanctuary for the client. This demonstrates the potential to reimagine and transform compact spaces into stylish and luxurious living environments, enhancing both comfort and functionality.

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