SoHo Office Commercial Renovation

491 Broadway, NYC, NY:

SoHo historic charm mixed with modern marvel…

Before & After

This project is located within SoHo's historical district. When the client acquired the space in 2022, it was essentially a full-floor warehouse/storage area, with plywood covering nearly every surface. There was no kitchen, only a standalone toilet.

Working in collaboration with the architect, we completed a full-gut renovation. Removing the existing flooring and subfloor, exposed all load-bearing walls, and demolished the plumbing and electrical systems, replacing them to meet current building codes.


The vision was to create a modern and gallery-like ambiance. The Chapter team ensured that all architectural details were completed to perfection, one of the main design elements was the incorporation of a continuous recessed metal baseboard and doors revealing throughout the space, providing a hint of luxury and elegance. Additionally, the installation of a centralized and multi-zone HVAC system was an important part of this project.

For the bathroom, natural earth-colored tiles were incorporated, lending an air of luxury and creating a spa-like ambiance. Each tile is impeccably finished with a subtle stainless steel metal trim.

The sinks, supplied by Kohler, are crafted from sleek black-tinted concrete and complemented by wall-mounted faucets. Given the commercial nature of the space, the client opted for all accessories, including the paper holder and seat cover, to be securely wall-mounted.

To complete the contemporary look, we also installed a modern shower enclosed by Soho-style glass doors, providing employees with the perfect opportunity to refresh themselves after their morning run.

In summary, this project serves as an exemplary demonstration of how to create an elegant space efficiently and cost-effectively.

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