Surfside Apartment Renovation

Collins Ave, Surfside, FL

Before & After

When you’re living near serene blue waters, of course you’re going to be inspired by its natural beauty. And that’s why we understand our clients’ vision for this apartment renovation, to radiate an aura that captures the captivating scenery of the Miami Beachside within their home.

For the kitchen, we replaced all the cabinet fronts with fresh clean white ones for the upper and a vibrant, popping shade of blue for the lower that makes the whole kitchen look lively. Out with the old and in with the new, we upgraded all appliances, replaced the countertop and backsplash, and added a built-in laundry closet to maximize the space’s functionality.


The primary bathroom went for a complete transformation with fresh new tiles, vanity, and fixtures. Thanks to the white and pale tones of the surrounding space, as an opposing color of vibrant and bright blue, everyone’s eyes will naturally be drawn to the shower area -which in a way becomes the main attraction. Using a blue tile with detailed wave-like designs for the walls and another stylish, blue tile flooring, stepping in for a shower here is like diving into a serene under-the-sea fantasy.

The second bathroom also had a complete renovation with new tiles, a custom vanity, a cabinet, and upgraded fixtures. Consistent with the primary bathroom’s aesthetic, a serene blue hue was selected for both wall and flooring tiles, maintaining the refreshing ambiance reminiscent of the Miami Beachside, which is the inspiration.

Transforming our client’s vision into reality has always been Chapter’s priority, From the moment you step into the apartment, you’ll be greeted by a wave of coastal warmth that pays homage to both waters and the surrounding landscape thanks to a color palette of the space dominated by soft, sandy neutrals accented by vibrant pops of turquoise and blues that are reminiscent of the ocean’s hues, all meticulously selected by Chapters in-house interior designers.

Clean lines and sleek smooth surfaces bring out a sense of luxury & class. Rich textures such as natural wood, polished onyx effect porcelain, and three-dimensional accents add depth and visual effect to each meticulously crafted space, creating an inviting oasis that merges indoor comfort with outdoor allure.

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