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Seamless, stress-free kitchen remodeling

The kitchen is typically the heart of the home. That’s why building a beautiful, well-designed, and functional kitchen matters. With Chapter, your kitchen renovation is an exhilarating experience. Our in-house interior designers tailor every detail to your style and personal needs. With their expert guidance and our access to every material possible, you can think big and dream big. A dedicated project manager ensures that your project is a seamless, stress-free experience, from start to finish.

Kitchen renovations: what’s involved

There are many parts to consider for a kitchen remodel. Chapter assumes responsibility for managing your entire project, so that every aspect aligns with your goals, budget, and the current state of your kitchen.

Here's a broad outline of the usual components involved in a kitchen renovation:

Here's a broad outline of the usual components involved in a kitchen renovation:

Planning & design

Define your goals and priorities to create a remodel plan that includes every detail of your kitchen remodel project. Work with a designer to envision the ideal kitchen layout and aesthetics.

Layout changes

Inspect existing conditions to identify possible kitchen layouts. Significant layout changes, such as removing or adding walls, may involve full architectural plans or structural carpentry work.


Protect surfaces and common areas. Remove existing cabinets, countertops, appliances, and other replacement elements. Address structural issues that may be uncovered during demolition.

Electrical & plumbing

Update or relocate electrical outlets and switches, as needed. Install new lighting fixtures. Address plumbing needs, including moving or replacing sinks and faucets.


Install new flooring, which may involve removing the existing floor and replacing it with tile, hardwood, laminate, or other materials.


Install new cabinets or reface existing ones. Select from custom cabinets or pre-made options based on your budget, timeline, and preferences. Decide on materials, colors, and textures.

Countertops & backsplashes

Select and install countertops like, granite, quartz, marble, or butcher block. Include a backsplash for wall protection and aesthetic appeal, potentially integrated with the countertop.


Purchase and install new appliances, such as a refrigerator, stove, oven, dishwasher, and microwave. Ensure that the electrical and plumbing connections are compatible.

Quality assurance & inspection

Close out permits and necessary signoffs. Conduct a final inspection and quality assurance check to guarantee design adherence and code compliance.



Our expert team plans your kitchen renovation project from start to finish to make sure every detail is in place. This includes permits, building approvals, and procurement to set up construction start date. We work with you to find the best plan that matches your needs and budget.

Factors influencing timeline:
Client decisions shaping final plan; permits and regulatory approvals


Work with our in-house interior designers to create a kitchen that meets both your needs and style, at no additional cost. Our team works closely with you to design the layout and style; and select materials, fittings, and fixtures. Renderings and visuals help you conceptualize your new kitchen.

Factors influencing timeline:
Design revisions and material procurement delays


With a solid plan and approved design in place, our skilled craftsmen swing into action. The construction phase begins, bringing you closer to your dream kitchen renovation with each step. Site preparations, structural work, installations, and finishing touches all bring the final design to life.

Factors influencing timeline:
Project complexity, unforeseen structural challenges

Design & build method for a better kitchen remodel

With Chapter, your new kitchen seamlessly comes to life with our design & build process. We streamline communication to ensure consistency throughout your entire kitchen renovation, so you always have peace of mind. Our full-service, integrated model allows for efficient problem-solving as challenges are addressed promptly by one team. And we bundle services to provide you with the most accurate timelines and cost estimates upfront.

Access a world of kitchen designs and materials

Your vision meets our design process

At Chapter, our design process is a collaborative and exhilarating experience. Beginning with a design consult, we work with you to establish your preferences and budget. Schematic designs followed by mood boards help you visualize the look and feel early on. Design development then takes you to refinements and final approvals. The process concludes with detailed drawings, visuals, and samples, ensuring a seamless transition from concept to a finalized, customer-approved design.

No limits in your choices, so dream big

From countertops to finishes to cabinetry, there’s no stopping you from having exactly what you want for your kitchen remodel. At Chapter, we don’t limit ourselves to specific vendors or manufacturers. From local fabricators, which help to adhere to short timelines, to international suppliers where the choices are sky’s the limit, we have the capacity, relationships, and expertise to provide it all. Let us gather all kinds of samples and finishes, all in one place, to make it easier to review and select.


The cost of a kitchen renovation varies based on several factors, including the kitchen's size, the scope, and the quality and customization of materials used. Small kitchens can average between $40,000 and $60,000. Medium kitchens between $60,000 and $80,000. Large kitchens can start at $80,000.

A kitchen renovation typically takes 4-6 weeks, but the timeline varies based on factors like project scope, structural complexity, kitchen size, and level of customization. Custom cabinetry fabrication can add up to 12 weeks. The duration is unique to each project, and the expert team at Chapter helps tailor a timeline to match your specific needs.

For a kitchen renovation, permits depend on the scope of work. Electrical and plumbing permits are typically needed, and structural changes may require full architectural plans. You can avoid the permit process if you're refacing cabinets and replacing the countertops in an existing location. Not sure what your project requires? Our professionals will guide you through the process.

You can likely make layout changes to your kitchen. However, it often involves careful planning, especially if structural alterations are needed. Consult with us to explore layout options and ensure that the changes align with your vision, and that they match compliance and structural considerations.

In many cases, hiring an architect may not be necessary for kitchen renovations. Most projects can be executed with plumbing and electrical permits instead of full architectural plans. With Chapter, you have the advantage of access to a contractor, designer, and architect, all in one place. The result is a streamlined, efficient kitchen remodel plus a great renovation experience.

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