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Chapter is a fully licensed and insured home remodeling company with a depth of experience in co-op, condo, apartment, brownstone and townhome renovations. We make it easy for you to transform your home, from a well-planned start to an exquisite finish, all while keeping your project on budget and on schedule. With our skilled, experienced, and transparent team, you can enjoy a smooth, exciting ride on autopilot. That’s the Chapter NYC experience.

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Chapter offers you every service in-house, including interior designers, architects, and engineers. And you always have a dedicated project manager to oversee your entire renovation, from start to finish. With Chapter, you get everything you need for your NYC renovation, all from one source.



Our expert team plans your NYC home renovation project from start to finish to make sure every detail is in place. This includes architectural plans, permits, building board approvals, and procurement to set up construction start date. We work with you to find the best plan that matches your needs and budget.



Work with our in-house interior designers to create a space that meets both your needs and style, at no additional cost. Our team works closely with you to design the layout and style; and select materials, fittings, and fixtures. Renderings and visuals help you conceptualize your new space.



With a solid plan and approved design in place, our skilled craftsmen swing into action. The construction phase begins, bringing you closer to your dream home renovation with each step. Site preparations, structural work, installations, and finishing touches all bring the final design to life.

What we know really well

Chapter, a top New York City renovation company, excels in residential and commercial projects across diverse property types. We are masters at interior design and navigating the complexities of board approvals, local laws, board restrictions, and permit filings.
Count on Chapter to guide your project through the complexities of NYC renovations.


Brownstone & townhouse renovation

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How to get
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renovation project

Let Chapter take you through a few free-of-charge steps before you decide.

Step 1

Consultation call

Your first step starts with a complimentary consultation with Chapter. During this call, we’ll discuss your project and overall vision. Based on this information, we'll give you a general idea of costs and timeline, right on the spot. We can then set up an appointment to meet you at your property.

Step 2

Property walk-through

Seeing your property in person allows our renovation expert to fully evaluate your project and provide the best game plan. There is no charge for this step.

Step 3

Proposal review call

Transparency matters to us, which is why we'll take the time to walk you through a detailed proposal and explain each line item. You'll be able to ask all your questions during this complimentary call. Chapter wants you to feel completely comfortable and informed before you decide.

Step 4

Project kickoff

It’s official! Your project is ready to begin. You’ll meet your dedicated Chapter team, which includes your project manager and interior designer. They’ll lead your project, from start to finish, as we work with you to transform your renovation dream into reality.

Your project,
at your fingertips

Watching the progress of your renovation project as it comes to life is exciting. With Chapter, you have access to your personal client portal, keeping you connected with your project’s latest updates. Check in and see what’s happening anytime, anywhere with the power of our technology.










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From a complete reno in a high-rise building, to
bathroom and kitchen remodeling, we do it all.

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The sooner you bring us into the planning stage of your dream renovation, the more effective Chapter can be in removing the worry and hassles and saving you time and money. Plus, it gives us the opportunity to learn more about the Chapter you’re in.

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